Do’s and Don'ts for Grooms

Do’s and Don'ts for Grooms

As the big day nears, both brides and grooms tend to get a bit nervous and uptight about a thousand different details. That’s completely normal because there’s a lot of expectation and emotion that has been building up while you have been doing your wedding planning. However, as a groom, there are a few things you can do – and a few you should avoid – that can make your wedding day go more smoothly and make it even more special for you and your bride.

1. DO take mental snapshots throughout the day.

Wedding days become so full of activity that most couples find the day is over before they know it. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement, so make sure you remind yourself throughout the day to take a deep breath and preserve that moment in your mind so you can reflect on it down the road.

2. DON’T piss off the bride.

This may seem obvious, but if you have a bad habit of showing up late to things or tend to drink too much around your buddies and both of these traits frustrate your fiancée to no end, today is the day to make sure neither of these things happens or, for that matter, anything else that may even slightly provoke her. Today your goal is to make her happy to no end, and every ounce of your being should be devoted to this.

3. DO put someone else in charge of wedding day logistics.

Many brides do most of the wedding planning prior to the big day, and it will be impossible to get her to delegate everything on her wedding day. However, it is a very good idea to either hire a day-of wedding planner or recruit the maid-of-honor or another good friend to act as a director, general fire marshal (as in the person who puts out fires) and stand-in wedding planner on your wedding day. This way you and your bride can focus on each other and your guests instead of picking up the cake because the bakery’s truck broke down.

4. DON’T plan your bachelor party for the night before.

This is a massively huge don’t, primarily because you want to be able to physically stand up and function at your own wedding. Look at it this way … if you show up to your own wedding horribly hungover, you will hear about it for the rest of your marriage. Not exactly a great beginning to wedded bliss.

5. DO give your bride a keepsake gift the night before.

Many engaged couples have planned either their rehearsal dinner or a family gathering for the night before the wedding, and this is a great time to pull your fiancée aside and give her a small memento, just a little something to show her that your world revolves around her. A really nice touch is to give her something that she can wear during the ceremony (as in something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue), possibly an heirloom piece of jewelry that is from your family.

6. DO bring your wedding license for your officiant to sign.

It’s surprising how many couples forget their wedding license, which needs to be signed and then sent in by your officiant in order for you to be officially married. Just make sure you bring it with you to the church or wherever your ceremony is being held.

7. DO instruct your best man to prepare a PG-rated-or-better toast.

It is also astonishing how many best men either mumble and stammer through an obviously ad-hoc toast or tell some bawdy story about the time long ago when the groom got drunk with a stripper and, well, you get my drift. Don’t assume your best man knows what is in good taste or not; just tell him to keep it clean and sincere. Humor is okay, as long as it doesn’t offend anyone.

8. DO remember to smile.

I’ve seen countless wedding photos of a smiling bride and a groom with a blank look on his face. Some guys do have a hard time showing emotion, and even if they are moved they still look as if they’re doing calculus. So if you’re one of those people who doesn’t naturally smile, remember to flash your pearly whites more often on your big day, because never before and never again in your life will you be photographed this much, and the pictures will be viewed countless times in the coming years.

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