DIY Wedding Place Cards

Want an interesting do it yourself idea for place cards for your guests?  Try picture frames instead of plain place cards.  You can do many things with the frames.  You can use plain small picture frames and print off your guests’ names in fancy script to put inside the frame.  Try using different colors of papers along with different fonts.  Cut the paper to fit within the frame space or you can also use a mat to fit it into the frame. 

Something a little more fun and interesting is to insert photos of your guests, instead of just their names, into the frame. You do not need to have just small frames; you can use any size frame you like.  If you want something with a more personal touch, purchase wooden frames and decorate them yourself to include your own personality or to incorporate the theme of your wedding; even if that only means painting the frame to match your wedding colors.

DIY Wedding Place Cards

DIY Wedding Place Cards

Here are some ideas for you to change the look of a plain wooden frame:

Paint the frame a solid color.  Painting or staining the wood provides a bit of protection to the wood.  Let dry and then glue different color and different size buttons all over the frame.  You can apply as many or as few as you like to achieve the desired look.  Painting the frame first allows for the wood to be seen through the buttons.  Maybe you do not like the look of buttons.  How about silk flowers instead?  In this case, make sure the flowers are slightly flat so they will lay better on the frame.

Cut letters or words out of cardstock thick paper.  You can either do this freehand, use a cutting machine made for precise cutting (like a Cricut), or buy already cut words and letters from your local craft store.  Glue the letters/words all over the frame.  When the glue is completely dry, paint over the entire frame and lettering with one color.  When the paint is dry, apply a clear coat protector.

Decoupage is also a great way to change the look of something.  Decoupage glue can be purchased at your local craft store.  Choose a paper pattern.  This can be a napkin, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, magazine page, etc.  Have several pages of the paper to cover the frame completely allowing for overlapping of edges.  Apply glue to small areas of the frame at a time.  Tear pieces of your paper and apply them to glue.  Continue the process until the entire frame is covered, making sure to overlap each piece slightly.  When the entire frame is covered, apply a top coat of the decoupage glue to the entire frame.  Allow drying.  The fabric also works well for this application.

The ideas are endless when it comes to decorating.  Take a walk through your local craft store and the ideas will jump out at you.

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