DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

Want to save a little money on your wedding?  How about making your own ring bearer’s pillow?   It is not as hard as it sounds even if you are not the craftiest person around.  The easiest way to go about it is to first find a form in the size you want the pillow to be.  Pillow forms are basically already made pillows that need to have covers made for them.  They can either be pieces of foam cut to whatever shape and size you choose, or they may actually be a small pillow that you just want to change to look like a ring bearer’s pillow.  If you are a little more adept with a sewing machine, you can also just make your pillowcase and fill it with fiberfill.

DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

DIY Ring Bearer’s Wedding Pillow

Once you have decided on a shape and size, you need to choose a material you like.  This is a perfect time to customize another aspect of your wedding.  Ring bearer’s pillows do not just need to be white on white.  You may choose to make it any color that fits the theme of your wedding.  If the bide has chosen an ivory color wedding dress, then you may choose to make the pillow with ivory-colored material.  Have a white dress that has a red sash?  Make the pillow white with red ribbons to tie the rings in place.  Anything you choose is perfectly acceptable for your wedding.

After you have chosen shape, size, and material, you need to give some thought to what you want the finished pillow to look like.  Do you want a smooth pillow?  Maybe you want something with a more gathered look.  Here are a couple of ideas.

Smooth pillow

Say your pillow is going to be a 12-inch square pillow.  Cut your material 13 inches square.  Put right sides of the material together, pin in place, and then sew three of the four sides with a ¼ inch seam allowance.  Leave one side open to insert your pillow form into.  After inserting the pillow form, fold down a ¼ in the seam allowance on both sides of the open end of the fabric.  Carefully sew up the open edge with a simple whipstitch.  This pillow will be smooth on both sides.  You can now decorate the pillow any way you choose.  Add ribbons, flowers, lace, buttons, or anything else you may choose.  If you are very good at sewing, you can add some cording around the outside edge of the pillow.

Gathered look

This look can be a little faster to put together easily because you do not need to be as careful with the fabric.  With the gathered look you need to measure your fabric larger than the pillow’s intended finished size.  Cut the fabric with pinking shears on all four sides.  Place pillow form in the middle and start gathering the fabric around the form.  Start with opposite corners and bring them together over the center of the pillow.  Next, add in the other two corners.  When all four corners are together in the center of the pillow, pull in the edges so that you are pulling the fabric tight around the pillow.  When the fabric is tight around the form you can secure it with a rubber band.  Make sure that the rubber band is as tight as you can get it to keep the pillow from coming apart.  Take your pinking shears and trim off any fabric that you feel sticks out too far.  Make sure you do not trim it too short or it will come loose from the rubber band.  Cover the band with some ribbon and add any other decorations you like.  One good thing about this type of pillow cover is that it can be temporary.  You can always undo the pillow covering after the wedding.

Be as creative as you like for your ring bearer’s pillow.  You are only limited by your imagination.

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