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Why does it matter if guests have a good time at someone’s wedding? Simply this: guests remember if they had a good time at a wedding and they’re willing to talk about it. Your future clients will be referrals from the guests at your past events.

Whether someone has a good time at an event depends upon the wedding entertainment. Who’s the wedding entertainment: the hired band or professional DJ. So, level up your skills with the tips and info in these blog posts.

Why Should Wedding Entertainment Stay Up to Date?

Hey, let’s face it. Sometimes we get in a rut with our song lists. Brian the drummer doesn’t show up to practice enough so you keep the same 80’s set that you know he won’t mutilate. You have had to DJ more and more events and suddenly your playlist lacks anything since 2010! How did that even happen? Apathy paired with being busy — we get it!

“What guests are the most likely to dance? Yes, it’s the young adults. Therefore, play current music hits that are on the charts now including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, etc. The younger crowd could get the party started.” Matthew Campbell

Wedding Entertainment and Themed Events

Perhaps the wedding couple are huge football fans, you may want to include songs from Halftime Shows at the Super Bowl. This is why My Wedding Songs lists our sets by genre — even country first dance songs and metal! If your clients want house and DJ music, we have you covered on that front, too.

Wedding Entertainment and Client Tips

Looking to help your clients ask you the right questions, then give them our list of questions. Maybe you’re a pianist looking to explain your pricing. What matters most is that you’ve helped, the clients have a great wedding, and you’re back to doing what you do best — providing the entertainment.

Party people – it is time to PARTY!

famous DJ hit songs

The art of DJing has exploded over the years. Now, it’s rare to turn on a radio without hearing the latest hit single or trending remix. These musicians expand their reach across the globe. Their prowess extends past underground channels into becoming mainstream DJs while continuing to rise. Be sure to check out the DJ […]

Super Bowl Halftime Performers

We thought we would step away from our wedding topic to mention Music Star performers of Super Bowl halftimes. When researching Super Bowl halftimes, we found it interesting that the first musician of the “Rock Star” status to perform during the Super Bowl halftime in the modern era was NKOTB (New Kids On The Block) […]

No One Is Dancing

The day is finally here. The day you have been dreaming of since you were little. The day you have planned for the past 12 months. With all stress, with all the pains, the day is finally here. Your WEDDING DAY. The first thing you should do is relax and enjoy the day. The wedding […]

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Music is one of the things at your wedding, which forms the part of your persona and helps you to set the mood of your wedding party. Choosing music for your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable tasks of your wedding planning. It can also be a good option when you want to […]

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Songs add spirit to an occasion. However, to make that happen, you need to choose the right songs. An appropriately selected song, with meaningful lyrics and melodious tune, would help set the situation. It is always better to devote some time to select the songs you would like to play at your wedding. With so […]

the true meaning of wedding songs

It was brought to our attention this week by a wonderful bride-to-be that there are some songs on our do not playlist on other song lists for weddings. This is a great point that we will consider this week and make the necessary changes. For example, My Heart Will Go On is on the best […]

how much pianist charge

I was asked to play for a wedding ceremony that seemed to be very uncomplicated when I agreed to contract with the bride/groom. Just a simple “Here Comes The Bride” was requested in addition to a few special pieces. This was a very low cost to the couple who insisted they were on a budget […]