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Enjoy a list of songs by the year on the calendar. Our song lists start in the 40s and go through today.

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top 20 1990s love songs

The 1990s were full of many different types of music styles inspired by unique events. There was an introduction of Grunge (see our list of post-grunge songs), Ska, and an insurgence of techno/dance music to fill dance floors. The 1990s ended with the fear of Y2K and the crash of computers. Many thought computers would […]

top 70s love songs

For a complete list of 70s songs for weddings, please visit our best 1970s songs for weddings list.  We will offer our favorite 70’s love songs by year with 2 songs from each year. The 70s were about love and peace and war. Those feelings were expressed through popular music. However, we want to showcase […]

cmt's greatest songs of the decade 2000-2010

CMT debuted it’s top 40 Country songs of the decade from 2000-2010. CMT stands for Country Music Television. The songs listed are the country’s music’s most memorable. To view their official news release, visit the CMT Songs press release. This list includes many big-name men stars like Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and Jason […]