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Prefer to learn about wedding songs and music via a podcast?  Listen to My Wedding Songs’ podcast titled “Wedding Songs Podcast”.

The Wedding Songs Podcast is an exploration of popular wedding songs and new wedding songs being released today.  Hosted by Matt Campbell, founder of My Wedding Songs.

The podcast features newly released wedding songs and Top 40 wedding song lists.

Episode 6

Anniversary songs are awesome at weddings for the Anniversary Dance. Get 100 anniversary song ideas and what the anniversary dance is. View the complete list of anniversary song ideas. See all Wedding Song Podcast episodes.

Episode 5

The 1980s had a great list of wedding songs and party songs to play at your wedding. Here’s my list of the 100 best wedding songs of the 1980s. View the complete list of 80s wedding song ideas. See all Wedding Song Podcast episodes.

Episode 4

Planning your wedding playlist and looking for the most popular wedding songs of all-time? You are in luck as Matt discusses his favorite 101 wedding songs of all-time and when to play them at your wedding.

Episode 3

Find out what new wedding songs were released in January 2020 and December 2019. Featuring stars like Justin Bieber, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Charlie Wilson.

Episode 2

In this episode, I am discussing the hot 50 wedding song picks based on the number of downloads on Amazon.

Episode 1

A sneak peek into the Wedding Songs Podcast. What can you expect from upcoming episodes? Take a listen to find out what’s in store.