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We have compiled a list of our favorite love songs for weddings. Enjoy your day with love songs by topic and by specific music artists.

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alabama love songs for weddings

Alabama is one of the highest-selling Country artists of all-time. They have more than 27 number one hits. Alabama formed in 1969 and released their first studio album in 1976. Their discography spans more than 30 albums and many decades. We have assembled a list of our favorite Alabama love songs to play at your […]

randy travis love songs

Randy Travis is a Country music icon. He has released 20+ studio albums, compilations, and live albums. Randy released his first studio album Storms of Life in 1986. Through the years, many of Randy’s songs have touched the hearts of many. Here is a list of our favorite Randy Travis love songs to play at […]

air supply love songs

Air Supply was known for their love songs in the ’70s and ’80s and their soft pop-rock sound. They are originally from Australia and have formed a massive following in the U.S. Here is a list of our favorite Air Supply love songs to incorporate into your wedding playlist. The only number 1 Billboard chart-topping […]

disney love songs for weddings

Disney movies are known for their family-friendly nature. Many Disney movies have made their way into pop culture and into weddings in particular. Enjoy our list of favorite Disney love songs to bring romance to your wedding. Similar song lists for further reading: Glee Song list Songs with CHILDREN in the title American Idol Contestants’ […]

2017 Wedding Songs

Love songs are always on the top of a DJ’s playlist every year at weddings. Love songs make their way into most aspects of a wedding including the processional, recessional, first dance songs and songs to fill the dance floor with guests of all ages. Here is a list of our favorite 2017 love songs […]

boy band love songs

The boy band really came on the scene in the 1960s and still continues today. Boy bands consist of young men, usually in their teens, singing to young women and girls. They typically cannot play instruments but can sing, dance, and act. No, we would not suggest a wedding reception full of boy band songs. […]

Ed Sheeran Love Songs

If you and your lover are stuck on what to dance to at your wedding, then consider looking to Ed Sheeran’s discography as a starting point. Sheeran’s albums contain numerous love songs to choose from, whether you’re looking for something mellow to set the mood or something more fun to dance to. Here are a […]

Kenny Rogers Love Songs

No reception would be complete without a few top Kenny Rogers love songs for weddings. These classic tunes are a must-play at any celebration of the forever commitment to another person. Being a man of many faces, Rogers is a singing legend that also recorded a few tracks that have no place at your reception. […]

James Taylor Love Songs

As a James Taylor fan, you have many love song choices for your wedding playlist. He has entranced lovers of all ages since he released his first album in the Seventies. As a versatile artist, Taylor has also released a few heartbreak songs and tunes celebrating being single, which are listed below as ones to […]