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Music Artists Crashing Wedding Videos

With more than 2 million weddings a year in the U.S. each year, what are the chances a celebrity artist shows up at your wedding to perform? You are correct – slim to none. However, when it does happen it goes viral. We have assembled our top 9 celebrity artists that have crashed a wedding […]

Celebrity Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners (Stylists), the best of the best The wedding world stands on its own. New trends and concepts are always on the horizon. To stay in the know, gain some insight into how the top celebrity wedding planners work their magic! 1. Preston Bailey Preston Bailey creates innovative experiences for his clients. Bailey is […]

Until Death Do Us Part

With the divorce announcements of celebrity couples Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton and Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck, my heart breaks for them. Being a celebrity and having your life under a microscope by paparazzi photo seekers, media, and the powerful public opinion MUST be extremely difficult. Needless to say, I would not want to switch places from my […]

top wedding movies of all-time

Wedding movies have created many moments of laughter and tears throughout the years. They invoke many emotions as weddings are thought to convey an eternal love between two people. “Hollywood” has created many wedding-themed movies throughout the years. In addition, many people have created a list of the best wedding all-time movies. However, we are […]