Boyfriend Songs

Each year on October 3rd, many couples celebrate Boyfriends Day. What exactly is a boyfriend? According to Webster, a boyfriend is a male in a romantic or sexual relationship. You can commemorate the day by playing our list of Boyfriend songs.

Boyfriend Songs
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Boyfriend Songs List

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12. Boyfriend – Big Time Rush featuring Snoop Dogg
2011, BTR
Dance Pop

11. Me & My Boyfriend – Toni Braxton
2002, More Than a Woman

10. Get Another Boyfriend – Backstreet Boys
2000, Black & Blue

9. Boyfriend – Ashlee Simpson
2005, I Am Me

8. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You – Black Kids
2008, Partie Traumatic
Indie Pop

7. Boyfriend – Best Coast
2010, Crazy for You

6. Boyfriend – RaeLynn
2012, Released as single

5. Boyfriend – Issues
2012, Issues

4. Boyfriend – Tegan and Sara
2016, Love You to Death

3. Next Boyfriend – Lauren Alaina
2015, Lauren Alaina

2. My Boyfriend’s Back – The Angels
1963. Released as single

1. Boyfriend – Justin Bieber
2012, Believe
Dance Pop

Other Top Boyfriend Songs

Boyfriend – Ian McConnell
2021, Boyfriend

Boyfriend – Mabel
2020, Boyfriend

Your New Boyfriend – Wilbur Soot
2020, Your New Boyfriend

Boyfriend – Selena Gomez
2020, Rare


boyfriend – Ariana Grande & Social House
2019, boyfriend

Boyfriend – Tyler Cassidy
2018, Piano Songs

Spicy Boyfriend – Shawn Wasabi
2017, Spicy Boyfriend

Your New Boyfriend – Coffey Anderson
2016, This Is Me

Boom I Got Your Boyfriend – M.C. Luscious
1992, Boom!

We cannot have a list of Boyfriend songs without mentioning the band of the same name. Boyfriend is a South Korean boy group.

Want to read your boyfriend a special poem for Boyfriend day? Check out this list of boyfriend poems on Family Friend Poems.

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