16 Backyard Wedding Ideas To Transform Your Yard Into A Wedding Venue

Having an intimate backyard wedding offers many advantages. However, there are also disadvantages. You can make the largest yard into a memorable experience. Let us help you plan your backyard wedding with the below 16 tips to transform your yard.

backyard wedding ideas

Backyard Wedding Ideas

  1. Be sure to have great-looking green grass. Bring in new sod if need be. Just as guests expect lavishing reception venues, they will also expect to lavish in green grass. Do remember to let the grass grow under any portable buildings that will be moved. If you have enough time (two months), reseed. Don’t forget to mow the grass a couple of days before the wedding too.
  2. Measure the yard and verify the maximum number of guests will fit comfortably in it. A good rule is eight square feet for a seated ceremony and four square feet for a standing ceremony. For receptions, a good rule is to stay within eight square feet. However, don’t forget about tables for gifts, cake, and entertainment. The dance floor will also need to be considered.
  3. People love to see flowers in bloom. Check with your local nursery and have plants that will be blooming at the time of your wedding. Think about flowers that may attract insects and bees to pollinate. You don’t want mass hysteria from the bugs. The nursery will also help as to when to plant!
  4. A fresh coat of paint works wonders. Go to your local hardware or paint store and pick out outdoor-friendly paint. Look at bringing old sheds, fences, picnic tables, and anything else that may need spicing up.
  5. Is there something unattractive in the yard? Consider covering it up with homemade signs, banners, streamers, and ribbons.
  6. Please address the neighbors before the big day. Close neighbors, you may consider inviting them to the wedding. Others will want to tell about the event with a home-baked pie so they stay calm during the dancing hours. Check with your local authorities and know the noise ordinances. Also, talk to them about getting permission for guest parking in front of their homes and/or driveways.
  7. Carefully examine the condition of walkways like sidewalks, stairs, decks, porches, driveways, and paths. Would you be able to comfortably walk in high heels in these areas? Repair any places with enough time to cure. Roots popping out of the ground and uneven ground will also need to be addressed. Be sure that all structures are up to code and no one will get hurt from broken banisters. It may be best to seal the driveway as it will be a big focal point for parking and walking (one month before the wedding).
  8. Weather happens to be unpredictable. Be sure to have a backup plan. Do you need to reserve a tent or purchase umbrellas or have blankets and mittens ready at hand?
  9. If the homeowner does not want to have the upkeep of lots of new plants after your wedding, consider potted plants that can be given away as favors the week after the wedding. You can even get potted flowers at your local nursery too.
  10. If you are having kids at your wedding, what can they get into or hurt themselves on or keep everyone’s attention instead of on you?
  11. We recommend speaking to a local electrician to verify the home can handle the electrical needs of the wedding. Will you need to add generators for your power needs for entertainment and lighting? Another contractor to have ready will be a plumber. Just in case the toilets get backed up.
  12. One of the downfalls of having an outdoor wedding is the possibility of bugs. Consider hiring an exterminator to rid roaches, ants, wasps, bees, or any other animals that are common in your area.
  13. One of the best ideas we love is to have a piece of furniture. Go to yard sales, garage sales, and swap meets. Look for furniture you can spruce up to turn into usable tables, bars, alter, and other elements for the ceremony or reception. You can even create your own lounge area. Whatever fits the theme of your wedding.
  14. Are you having a small, intimate wedding without entertainment? We like the idea of adding a few wind chimes (out of the reach of children), bells, or playing music from a small iPhone-operated speaker system.
  15. First impressions are everything. Do whatever it takes to WOW guests as they arrive you your wedding. A sign saying “Wedding Here” just won’t cut it. Entrance archways, line walkways with lights or decorations, or light strings showing them the way.
  16. If the backyard has a pool, be sure it has a clear blue water look. You can also add floating candles for an elegant aura.

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