In-House Reception Ceremony

A wedding engagement provides the perfect opportunity to redecorate a home, and an excuse to hold an in-house reception. For smaller wedding parties, an in-house reception, or even a house ceremony, can be just the ticket for providing a private and intimate location for a very important occasion.

However, some couples might consider their homes a little too Spartan for the occasion, and feel embarrassed about having a well-dressed party. Even for those that don’t, there are sure to be some home decorating accessories out there that they may not be aware of!

In-House Reception Ceremony

House Wedding Ceremony & Reception Tips

For instance, so much of home décor is about color and texture, which is why 60’s style linty fabrics are so tacky in curtains and couch upholstery. In white rooms, more contemporary styles call for earth tone colored grommet panels, and maybe some snowy white linen table cloths. Grommet panels, in particular, are a favorite of mine, since they combine the best elements of shutters and drapes.

A well-furnished kitchen is a must too. After all, it’s sure to get a huge workout during the festivities! Be aware that stemware is not the only thing that one can appropriately drink wine out of, and that a chic decanter can really complete a table aesthetically and naturally begs the conversation of what’s actually in it.

It’s important to set the right mood on occasions like these, whatever your preferred atmosphere might be, but it’s also important not to break the bank in a time of so many financial obligations. The good news is, cute pieces of kitchenware, dark intimate curtain sets, and other contemporary interior design items can often be bought quite affordably, which is one of the great things about post industrialist styles. Stainless steel kitchen cutlery or bathroom hardware, for example, can be quite affordable, and lovely in its minimalism.

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