get married in Las Vegas
Dubbed as the wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas is the most popular wedding destination by far, with around some 120,000 weddings performed every year. And despite its reputation–drive-thru weddings, tacky chapels, and cheesy photographs–that’s not what getting married in Vegas is all about.

For a clearer picture, here are seven reasons why tying the knot in Las Vegas is a great option.

get married in Las Vegas

Get Married in Las Vegas

1. Easy on the budget

Compared to traditional American weddings that cost $25,000 on average, Vegas weddings are very affordable. For a few hundred dollars (or less), you get a complete wedding ceremony. For a few more dollars, you also get ceremony enhancements and decent reception.

2. Less pressure and stress

Let’s face it, traditional weddings take months of planning and put a lot of pressure on the couple. At Las Vegas hotels with wedding chapels, you can skip the stress because they have wedding coordinators who can help the couple arrange everything–from the officiant, bouquet, music, photography, to toasting glasses. And all these you can plan over the phone or online.

3. Rule out unwanted guests

In every wedding, there are those guests you’d rather not include but have to. Getting married in Vegas helps you rule out these unwanted guests easier–whether it’s your drunk uncle, bridesmaid’s weird boyfriend, cousin you barely know, or your boss.

4. Booking is easy

Las Vegas chapels are easier to book than other venues. Even on short notice, you’ll be able to book a chapel and officiant for your wedding. Most hotels prefer reservations, but other places even accept walk-ins. Just be sure not to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day or any other popular holiday because the chapels are swamped with couples.

5. You can have it all in one place

Las Vegas weddings are convenient because they allow you to combine your bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon in one hotel. Some hotels have cheap wedding packages that cater to the couple’s every need–from expansive pools and lavish spas to famous nightlife activities and roulette tables.

6. No need to wait

Are you so eager to be married to the one you love? If your thoughts are geared towards being officially together with the love of your life that you can’t wait any longer, Las Vegas is the best option. If you’re the type of couple who won’t be spontaneous, Las Vegas is the place.

And last but not least…

7. Tradition isn’t dead (unless you want it to be)

Getting married in Vegas doesn’t necessarily mean quickie weddings. Unless, of course, you’re a couple of crazy kids who met over the poker table and haven’t gone to bed since. In fact, if you want a destination wedding in Las Vegas, you can have one that’s as unique and traditional as you dreamed it would be. Many casinos and all-inclusive resorts offer special wedding packages that are great for traditionalists. You can even opt for a suit-and-tie type of wedding.

Instead of flying out of the country for a destination wedding, consider Las Vegas. What do you think?

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