Phones Are Great At Weddings

Nearly every guest that has been invited to a wedding will own a smartphone. Cell phones are carted everywhere by everyone, as the vast majority are afraid to travel without their phones. This means that it will be incredibly hard to ask guests to leave their phones at home or in their car for the duration of the ceremony.

Phones Are Great At Weddings

Instead of this becoming a negative consequence of modern living, cell phones can be turned into incredibly useful tools for the wedding. Smartphones are excellent for capturing, sharing, and collecting memories. This is especially true for friends and family who could not attend your wedding.

Cell Phones At Weddings: The Good

Using Periscope to Broadcast the Wedding

Periscope is a handy little smartphone application that is used to broadcast live video. While the paid photographer might be capturing magical photographs for the bridal couple, it might be several weeks before the photos are available for viewing and distribution to guests. Apps like Periscope allow attending guests to capture the entire wedding and broadcast it to those who were invited but unable to make the trip. They can still celebrate and witness the wedding no matter where they are. While this is not as good as being present for the wedding, it will suffice in less than ideal circumstances.

Guests Can Capture Beautiful Moments That the Photographer Missed

Usually, there is only one paid photographer attending a wedding event. He or she cannot scramble to be in two places at once without sacrificing image quality. This will translate into many missed shots of the wedding, especially those that do not include the bride, groom, or close friends and family. While the photographer is busy, the bride’s niece might be taking her very first steps in her new pink shoes and the frilly dress. The groom’s grandparents might have their eyes locked on one another, staring compassionately while dancing in a beautiful, loving embrace. These heartfelt moments will be treasured by all of the guests, especially the honored bride and groom; but they will fade quickly if they are not caught on camera. Guests can capture all of these priceless family photos while steering clear of the professional photographer should he or she be nearby. When guests are blocking the photographer’s view, the quality of the photographs will deteriorate; therefore, it is important for guests to respect the photographer’s space.

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Immediate, Live Clips and Snapshots on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to share all of the beautiful photos that guests capture. The bride and groom can be tagged in all of the photos, allowing distant friends and relatives to see them immediately on one of the most highly visited social photography platforms. Instagram also offers nifty video sharing features for short clips of the wedding day, sharing the unique experience that every guest has had through their own eyes. Facebook is no longer the only place to share those special, defining life moments.

Guests must be reminded to turn off the flash and shutter sounds on their phones in order to minimize interruptions. Dozens of flashing lights could quickly give the honorable bridal party and guests quite the headache, especially in the magical low lighting of many wedding venues. The flashes aren’t ideal for the photographer, either. They could harm the composition and exposure of the photos.

Capturing Footage for a Memorable Movie

If the guests are particularly interested in capturing as much of the wedding as possible, they could work together to produce an adorable movie of the wedding and present it to the bride, groom, immediate family, and other interested guests after it has been edited. The movie should be saved to multiple flash drives and burned to DVD with uniquely designed cases. This ensures that everyone has two different copies that will stand the test of time.

The movie can be broken down into different parts, all of which accessible from a single menu on the DVD. The first video should be footage of the wedding ceremony. The second should consist of all of the important moments shared between the bride and groom during the reception. A third might contain all of the spectacular moments shared among the guests, things that the bride and groom might have missed while in the spotlight. The final video should be comprised of one on one interviews with all of the different wedding guests. These spliced clips will tug at the heartstrings of the bride and groom, as everyone they hold near and dear professes their love, emotional good wishes, and bittersweet memories to the couple on a disc that they can play over and over again.

Accepting or Making Emergency Calls

One of the biggest issues that arise when weddings enforce a “no cell phones” policy is that guests are not able to access their phones in case of an emergency. Every guest could have very important things taking place in their lives, preventing them from parting with their cell phones. Some have kids that might try to contact them, others may have work emergencies that occur. While very few excuses warrant early dismissal from the wedding, each guest should be reachable in case of an emergency.

In addition, emergencies and natural disasters could very well occur during the wedding. In this case, time is of the essence. Fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and even sudden health complications require the ability to call emergency personnel immediately. If guests do not have access to their phones to call for help, the situation could turn for the worst.

When Cell Phones Go Bad: Circumstances That Might Ruin a Wedding

While cell phones are incredibly useful during a wedding, it is also very clear that they can cause a lot of problems, too. Enforcing strict rules should help to prevent a majority of the issues that might occur, especially among adults. Some guests, unless told otherwise, might spend a great deal of time texting or interact on social media rather than being involved in the wedding. Others might use intrusive, unsightly selfie sticks during the most important parts of the ceremony or reception, potentially ruining the professional photographer’s photos. Lastly, the sea of ringtones, alerts, and notifications could truly ruin the atmosphere during speeches, toasts, and dances. To keep these devices from ruining the wedding, guests should be required to put their phones on silent, turn off their camera flash, and refrain from using the phone unless they are capturing photographs or video footage without disturbing those in attendance.

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