wedding songs of 1999

1999 was a very good year for love songs, with offerings from Brian McKnight, Kenny Chesney, and other important artists of the decade. On this list of 1999 wedding songs, you’ll find appropriate selections for your ceremony, reception, and every other part of your magical day.

wedding songs of 1999

Best Wedding Songs of 1999

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Amazed – Lonestar
March 1999, Lonely Grill
This song was a crossover smash for the country band Lonestar, and it has gone on to become one of the most popular 1999 wedding songs. It has the perfect tempo to be used during the processional of the bridal party, and some brides even choose it as an alternative to the standard wedding march because of its powerful lyrics.

I wanna spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever

Back At One – Brian McKnight
August 1999, Back at One
R&B star and guitarist Brian McKnight landed on multiple charts with this soft classic, a song that spells out all the ways a man loves his chosen one. As you might expect, grooms like to add this song to the wedding ceremony as something special for their bride.

One, you’re like a dream come true
Two, just wanna be with you
Three, girl, It’s plain to see
That you’re the only one for me

Spend My Life with You – Eric Benét
June 1999, A Day in the Life
Eric Benét is not remembered as one of the major stars of the 90s, but he did manage to produce this song which describes all the sentiment you want to express at your wedding. Couples have found many creative ways to use the song, including as an interlude between the arrival of the bridal party and the entrance of the blushing bride.

I was incomplete ’til the day you walked into my life
And I never knew that my heart could feel
So precious and pure, our love is so real

I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden
September 1999, Affirmation
Savage Garden nailed it with this song, and it became the group’s most enduring hit from the 90s. The song is all about the destiny that brings lovers together in spite of all odds, and dancing to it with your partner will create a memory that you’ll not soon forget.

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

Higher – Creed
August 1999, Human Clay
The band Creed drew on its Christian roots to produce this rock classic, and the vocals of Scott Stapp are a perfect match for Mark Tremonti’s guitar work. Even though the song has a heavy feel to it, it has still found its way into the wedding ceremonies of many modern couples because of its distinct lyrical message.

Can you take me higher
To a place where blind men see?
Can you take me higher
To a place with golden streets?

You Had Me From Hello – Kenny Chesney
April 1999, Everywhere We Go
Kenny Chesney can thank the film Jerry Maguire for inspiring this massive hit from 1999, and newlyweds agree that it is a perfect wedding song. Like all good wedding songs, this one hearkens back to those moments when you were first falling in love with your one and only.

Well, you had me from “Hello”
I felt love start to grow the moment I looked into your eyes,
You won me, it was over from the start

How Forever Feels – Kenny Chesney
December 1998, Everywhere We Go
Another Kenny Chesney hit that couples might want to consider for their wedding reception is this uptempo number. It should be used as a dance tune, to be sure, but it is one that gets everyone involved in line dancing and sharing in your good fortune on your wedding day.

Down on one knee on momma’s front steps
Man, I’m gonna die if she really says “yes”
I wanna know how forever feels

My Best Friend – Tim McGraw
October 1999, A Place in the Sun
Country superstar Tim McGraw knows a thing or two about a successful romantic relationship, and he surely was thinking about his wife Faith Hill when he released this song. It’s a song that lyrically sums up all the things that you and your new spouse should be to one another, so give it a place of honor at your wedding.

I don’t know where I’d be
Without you here with me
Life with you makes perfect sense
You’re my best friend

I Love You – Martina McBride
July 1999, Emotion
The beautiful voice of Martina McBride soars on this song which breaks down the emotions of your wedding day to the most important essentials. It’s the perfect song to say all the things to your new spouse that you have trouble finding the words for, and sometimes the simple songs are the best wedding choices.

I need you so desperately
Sure as the sky is blue
Baby, I love you
I love you

Music of My Heart – Gloria Estefan
September 1999, The Music of the Heart Soundtrack
Gloria Estefan and her band the Miami Sound Machine were legends of the 1990s, and this song blends the relationship between music and true love. Every wedding couple has a soundtrack that accompanied their love affair, and this tune was probably a part of that soundtrack for many lovers that grew up in the 90s.

You taught me to run
You taught me to fly
Helped me to free the me inside
Helped me hear the music of my heart

Perfect Moment – Martine McCutcheon
April 1999, You Me & Us
This song from Martine McCutcheon is all about the perfect moment that you and your spouse will be creating on your wedding day, so don’t hesitate to use the song in your processional. It is a song that can also be used for a father-daughter dance at the reception or as the background music for the cutting of the wedding cake.

I wish I could frame the look in your eyes
The way that i feel for you inside
This is my moment
This is my perfect moment with you

You Won’t Ever Be Lonely – Andy Griggs
April 1999, Andy Griggs
This was the biggest hit recorded by Andy Griggs, one of the most underrated musical artists of the 90s. Griggs weaves a tale of hope and promise in his poignant lyrics, and it is just the right song to play as the groom and bridal party are taking up their places at the altar.

And I promise you now
You won’t ever be lonely
You’re safe from the world
Wrapped in my arms

Every Day I Love You – Boyzone
November 1999, By Request
Boyzone hits all the right notes in this pop classic from 1999, a song that still finds its way into wedding festivities today. Your DJ should include this on the list of reception dance music, and the song can also be used for your send-off when the time comes to depart for the honeymoon.

Everyday I love you
I never thought that dreams came true
But you showed me that they do

You Got Me – The Roots and Erykah Badu
January 1999, Things Fall Apart
Be sure to select some serious dance music for your wedding, and don’t forget to include this one from The Roots and Erykah Badu. The great thing about “You Got Me” is that it retains a nice message in its lyrics that is not overwhelmed by the dance groove.

If you don’t worry ’bout where I been or who I saw or
What club I went to with my homies
Baby don’t worry, you know that you got me

The Book of Love – The Magnetic Fields
September 1999, 69 Love Songs
Every song that you choose for your wedding should be meant to convey a message of love, one that you and your spouse have made a theme for your nuptials. This song from The Magnetic Fields is a great all-around choice when it comes to wedding reception music, and adventurous couples also find ways to incorporate it into the formal ceremony.

But I, I love it when you read to me
And you, you can read me anything

We hope you enjoyed a few of our favorite list of 1999 wedding songs. Have a song that should be on our list? Be sure to comment on it below. Also, check out our list of wedding songs by year and the best 1990s wedding songs.

Celebrating wedding songs of 1999. Where were you and what was happening?

If you were one of the weddings in 1999…

Congratulations on your wedding of 1999. You share your anniversary with the following events.

Celebrity Wedding of 1999

  • Steve Burton wed Sheree Gustin
  • David Beckham wed Victoria Beckham
  • Duff McKagan wed Susan Holmes
  • Reese Witherspoon wed Ryan Phillippe
  • Courteney Cox wed David Arquette

News Highlights of 1999

  • Y2K preparation was a major event in 1999.
  • is officially introduced to the Internet, though MySpace-beta has been around since 1999.
  • The Columbine High School massacre in Colorado.
  • Napster debuts.
  • The Woodstock 99 festival is held in New York.
  • John Carpenter becomes the first top prize winner of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and breaks the record of the largest single win on a United States game show.

1999 Sports Champions:

  • The New York Yankees win the World Series over the Atlanta Braves.
  • Super Bowl XXXIII: The Denver Broncos win their second Super Bowl in a row, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 34-19.
  • The San Antonio Spurs win the NBA Title over the New York Knicks.
  • The Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup over the Buffalo Sabres.

Music Highlights of 1999

  • Grammy’s Song of 1999: My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
  • Eric Benet – Spend My Life With You
  • Mark Chesnutt – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
  • 98 Degrees – I Do (Cherish You)
  • Limp Bizkit – Nookie
  • Sarah McLachlan – I Will Remember You
  • Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love
  • Juvenile – Back That Thang Up
  • Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman
  • Len – Steal My Sunshine
  • Marc Anthony – I Need To Know
  • Brian McKnight – Back At One
  • Kenny Chesney – How Forever Feels
  • Lonestar – Amazed
  • Britney Spears – Sometimes
  • Cher – Believe
  • TLC – No Scrubs
  • Monica – Angel Of Mine
  • Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
  • Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me
  • Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle
  • Sugar Ray – Every Morning
  • Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca
  • 702 – Where My Girls At?
  • Jennifer Lopez – If You Had My Love
  • Goo Goo Dolls – Slide
  • Brandy – Have You Ever?
  • Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way
  • Smash Mouth – All-Star
  • Sarah McLachlan – Angel
  • Santana – Smooth
  • Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills
  • Eagle-Eye Cherry – Save Tonight
  • Pearl Jam – Last Kiss
  • Backstreet Boys – All I Have To Give
  • Enrique Iglesias – Bailamos
  • Sugar Ray – Someday
  • LFO – Summer Girls
  • Jay-Z- Can I Get A…
  • Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)
  • Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5
  • ‘N Sync – God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
  • Shawn Mullins – Lullaby
  • Will Smith – Miami
  • Tim McGraw – Please Remember Me
  • Shania Twain – From This Moment On

Entertainment Highlights of 1999

  • Best Picture: Shakespeare in Love: David Parfitt, Donna Gigliotti, Harvey Weinstein, Edward Zwick, Marc Norman
  • Best Actor: Roberto Benigni – La vita è Bella
  • Best Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow – Shakespeare in Love

Top Television Shows:

    • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, ER, Friends, Monday Night Football, Frasier, 60 Minutes, The Practice, Touched By An Angel, Law and Order, Everybody Loves Raymond, Jesse

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