First Dance Songs not overplayed

When seeking a wedding first dance song, our hope is that you have a special song for you and your future spouse. That should definitely be your first dance song. If the song really doesn’t fit into the theme of the wedding, have the master of ceremonies explain why it is your special song – was it playing the night you met, was the song playing during your first kiss. No matter how odd or unusual the song is to be played at weddings, all that should matter is that it is a special song for YOU.

First Dance Songs not overplayed

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Next, think about how often songs are played at weddings as to whether you want your special song to be the same song as millions and millions of other people. Again, if the song has special meaning to you, who cares? However, if you are looking for a song that is not overplayed at weddings, consider one of the 10 wedding first dance songs below.

First Dance Songs Not Overplayed

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One Of A Kind – Ronan Keating & Emeli Sande
2020, One Of A Kind

Our love will always live on
Will you dance with me as the choir sings?
Your love is one of a kind

So in Love With You – Jonny Houlihan
2020, Jonny Houlihan the Best of 2019

And girl, ask you to be my wife
And pray that you say “Yes”
Make me a happy man
By wear my ring on your hand

17 – Pink Sweat$
2020, The Prelude

Just don’t you hold back on me
I wanna love you as strong
When we’re ninety-two, the same as seventeen

I Am Yours – Andy Grammer
2019, Naive

I am yours
Now and always
Wouldn’t dream to be anything more

Better Together – Luke Combs
2019, What You See Is What You Get

It’s a match made up in heaven, like good ol’ boys and beer
And me, as long as you’re right here

All Because of You – O.A.R.
2019, The Mighty

I’ll be here forever
We’re so good when we’re together
Let me hold you ’til we’re older

Could I Love You Any More – Reneé Dominique feat. Jason Mraz
2019, Could I Love You Any More

Love today can be so difficult
But what we have I know is different
‘Cause when I’m with you the world stops turning

Forever From Now – Sheffield
2019, Forever From Now

I won’t give you up, you know I…
Will love you forever from now
And I will hold you like no one’s around
Forever from now

Find Someone Like You – Snoh Aalegra
2019, Ugh, Those Feels Again

Though we got a past, I want you, yeah
And even when it’s bad, I love you

Collide – Tiana Major9 & EARTHGANG
2019, Queen & Slim Soundtrack

And I love you religiously
With everything inside of me
As long as I’m
As long as I’m alive

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