10 Facts About Booking Wedding Venues

He popped the question and put a ring on it. You selected the perfect date to get married. Now it’s time to pick your wedding venue locations. However, before signing on the dotted line, please consider our 10 facts about booking wedding venues.

10 Facts About Booking Wedding Venues

10 Facts About Booking Wedding Venues

1. Guest Capacity

Check to see how many people can fit into the room – SEATED

2. Indoor/Outdoor

When selecting an Outdoor venue, Be sure to have a contingency plan for bad weather.

3. The Date

You have your wedding date set.BUT, is your wedding venue already booked for your date and time?

4. The Time

The time you have the venue rented is on the contract. What if the party doesn’t stop? Are there extra fees? Is there a hard stop time?

5. Decor

You have a wedding theme and style all set. However, does your reception venue speak the same language?

6. Vendor Choices

Many venues restrict the use of outside vendors. Some venues only allow the use of their preferred vendors.

7. Coordinator

Who will be in charge of your wedding reception? Does your room come with a wedding coordinator throughout the whole event?

8. Contract

ALWAYS get a signed contract with every detail agreed upon including date, time cost, and all the extras.

9. Cost

Be sure there are no hidden fees including tipping. Get a complete breakdown before signing any contract.

10. Location

Will the location be easy for out-of-town guests to find? If you have a destination wedding, will everyone be able to attend?

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  1. Derek Dewitt
    Derek Dewitt says:

    My cousin is getting married at the end of the year but still hasn’t booked a venue for it. I like your point about getting a break down of all the costs first. I’ll have him request this from each venue so he knows what to expect when it comes to fees.


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