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2020 Edition, the top source for wedding song selections nationally for millions of wedding couples, has created a guide for you so you can easily orchestrate the music for your entire wedding day.

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Popular & Unique Wedding Songs

Popular party songs always fill the dance floor.  You should know them when creating your list of songs to provide your wedding DJ or band!  These include Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” and Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”.

You will not only know what songs are most commonly played.  Discover unique songs handpicked that you can call uniquely yours and are “not played at every other wedding“.

What are Brides Saying?

Thank you. This is a great source for planning a wedding. I really appreciated it.


Ceremony Playlists

  • Processional Songs
  • Ceremony Unity Songs
  • Memorial Songs
  • Recessional Songs

Formal Playlists

  • Brother Songs
  • Father-Daughter Dance Songs
  • Father-Son Songs
  • First Dance Songs
  • In-Law Dance Songs
  • Last Dance Songs
  • Money Dance Songs
  • Mother-Daughter Songs
  • Mother-Son Dance Songs
  • Sister Songs
  • Sister Brother Songs
  • Wedding Party Dance Songs

Reception Playlists

  • 200 Best Party Songs
  • Cake Cutting Songs
  • Dinner Music
  • Entrance/Introduction Songs
  • Garter Removal Songs
  • Garter Toss Songs
  • Garter Placement Songs
  • Line Dance Songs
  • Songs Not To Play
  • Top 100 Wedding Songs All-time

Era Playlists

  • 2010s Songs
  • 2000s Songs
  • 1990s Songs
  • 1980s Songs
  • 1970s Songs
  • 1960s Songs
  • 1950s Songs
  • 1940s Songs

Genre Playlists

  • Christian Songs
  • Country Songs
  • Disco Songs
  • EDM/Dance Songs
  • Folk Songs
  • Hip Hop Songs
  • Indie Songs
  • Instrumental Songs
  • Jazz Songs
  • Oldies Songs
  • Polka Songs
  • Pop Songs
  • R&B Songs
  • Reggae Songs
  • Rock Songs
  • Swing Songs