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Looking for the perfect formal dance songs for your first dance, father daughter dance and mother son dance?  Have special relatives you want to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a special wedding anniversary songs?  Want to accent a wedding micro-moment with a special song like the cake cutting, bouquet toss or grand entrance?

Not sure what wedding songs are popular right now?  Be sure to check out our list of trending wedding songs.

Want to have a packed dance floor?  See our list of Top 200 Party Songs.

My Wedding Songs App offers hundreds of wedding song suggestions for you to find the right songs to complete your wedding playlist.

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Wedding ceremony song lists. Select your songs for processional, unity and recessional.


Wedding reception song lists. Select your songs for reception events such as formal dances and party songs.


Songs from 1940’s through today and tomorrow.


Songs from your favorite music styles like R&B, Country, Rock, Jazz, etc.


Learn what’s hot right now.

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