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Wedding Song List, Songs With Wedding in the Title


Looking for the perfect wedding song? Then you are in the right place. However, our list of the top 10 wedding songs is not your ordinary list of wedding songs. Each song on our wedding songs list has the word wedding in the song title. We covered many different music genres including country, rock, Christian, folk, new age, and R&B. We also included different music eras from 1972 through 2012. However, the Wedding March was created in the 1800s.

February is celebrated as National Weddings Month because this is when most couples get their wedding planning in high gear.

Did you know that there are specific wedding days in the year?  Yes, there are, wow.  February is known as Wedding Month.  (This is odd to us as most weddings take place during the summer).  But February is known as the “love month” because of Valentine’s Day.  Plus, according to folklore, July is known as Unlucky Month for Weddings.

wedding songs in the title


There are many different themes to a wedding song from the time of like like January, the style of the wedding like white trash, it could be an article of clothing like the wedding dress, of course, the bride and groom’s wedding day, the wedding has to have its own song, there has to be a white wedding, what we all want for our own wedding and finally the wedding march down the aisle. Have a song we should add? Add it to the comments section at the bottom.

Wedding in the Song Title List

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10. January Wedding – The Avett Brothers
Released in 2012 on album I and Love and You

9. White Trash Wedding – The Chicks
Released in 2002 on album Home

8. Wedding Dress – Matt Nathanson
Released in 2007 on album Some Mad Hope

7. Wedding Day – Casting Crowns
Released in 2011 on album Come to the Well

6. Wedding Song (There Is Love) – Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary)
Released in 1971 on album Paul and


5. The Wedding Song – Kenny G
Released in 1992 on album Breathless
New Age

4. You For Me (The Wedding Song) – Johnny Gill
Released in 2006 on album Madea’s Family Reunion Soundtrack

3. White Wedding – Billy Idol
Released in 1982 on album Billy Idol

2. For My Wedding – Don Henley
Released in 2000 on album Inside Job

1. Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn
Written in 1842
New Age


Other Top Wedding Songs with Wedding in the Title

Wedding Medley – Anthem Lights
2019, The Wedding Album

Black Wedding – In This Moment feat. Rob Halford
2017, Ritual

Yours (Wedding Edition) – Russell Dickerson
2017, Yours

Take My Hand (The Wedding Song) – Emily Hackett feat. Will Anderson
2014, Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)

You (Wedding Song) – Jason Cassidy
2013, Keep It Country


Never Stop (Wedding Version) – SafetySuit
2012, Hallelujah

This Wedding Day – Jerry Jeff Walker
2009, Moon Child

Marie’s Wedding – The High Kings
2008, The High Kings

Dracula’s Wedding – OutKast feat. Kelis
2003, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Wedding Day – Bee Gees
2001, This Is Where I Came In


Wedding Song – Tracy Chapman
2000, Telling Stories

Wedding Song – Bob Dylan
1974, Planet Waves

Wedding Bell Blues – The 5th Dimension
1969, The Age of Aquarius

Stop The Wedding – Etta James
1962, Etta James Top Ten

Hawaiian Wedding Song – Andy Williams
1958, Hawaiian Wedding Song


Wedding song list curated by Matthew Campbell

Do you have a favorite song with “wedding” in the song title not on our list?  Please share below so that we can add it!

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