Best Mom Songs in Title

Mom Songs List – Songs With Mom in the Title


The last installation of mom songs related to Mothers for the upcoming Mother’s Day Holiday. We created another mom song list of songs that have “Mom” in the title. Our Mom songs list offers many different genres including R&B, Rock, Country, Christian, and Hop Hop. We also included different eras from 1991 through to today.

Best Mom Songs in Title

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Moms are celebrated by their apple pie, having her own Mom song, having a waltz song to conduct with her husband, are lucky to meet her (in heaven), are happy to call our mom-mom, are getting familiar with everyone else’s mom, we want to thank our moms, our mom may not really be a mom but our dad acting as our mom – that is why we have to call dad Mr mom, and whoa – have you seen Stacy’s mom? Wow! Do you have a Mom song that we should add to our list? Be sure to comment in your song at the bottom of the page and tell us why we should add it.

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Mom Songs

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10. Mom’s Apple Pie – Tyrone Davis
1991, I’ll Always Love You

9. The Mom Song – Go Fish
2007, Snazzy

8. Mom – Lucero
2009, 1372 Overton Park

7. Mom and Dad’s Waltz – Merle Haggard
1968, Sing Me Back Home

6. You Can Finally Meet My Mom – Train
2012, California 37


5. Call You Mom – They Might Be Giants
2013, Nanobots

4. My Mom – Eminem
2009, Relapse
Hip Hop

3. Thank You Mom – Good Charlotte
2000, Good Charlotte

2. Mr. Mom – Lonestar
2004, Let’s Be Us Again

1. Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne
2003, Welcome Interstate Managers


Other Top Mom Songs

Tell Your Mom – Georgia Webster
2020, Tell Your Mom

Dear Mom – Ky Baldwin feat. Mindy Pack
2019, Dear Mom

Dead Mom – Sophia Anne Caruso, Beetlejuice Original Broadway Cast Recording Ensemble
2019, Beetlejuice (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Jeannie Becomes a Mom – Caroline Rose
2018, Loner

Mom – Meghan Trainor feat. Kelli Trainor
2016, Thank You


Mom – Donna Taggart
2015, Mom

Mom – Highly Suspect
2015, Mister Asylum

Mom – Garth Brooks
2014, Man Against Machine

Mike’s Mom – Froggy Fresh
2012, Money Maker

For Moms – Jaheim
2001, Ghetto Love


The Mom Song – Insane Clown Posse
2001, Forgotten Freshness Volume 3

My Mom – Tony Bennett
1998, The Playground

Mom – Earth Wind & Fire
1972, Last Days and Time

Mom song list curated by Matthew Campbell

Do you have a favorite MOM song, not on our list? Please share below so that we can add it.

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