Best Leg Songs in Title

Leg Songs List – Songs With Leg in the Title


Songs about legs can be great songs for a fashion runway. Leg songs can also be great for doctor theme parties. Leg songs can also be played during bodybuilding competition sessions, body posing sessions, sunbathing, and other public attention with a focus on legs.

Best Leg Songs in Title


When having a legs themed song, there are many uses for the word legs. It can be used in the sense that someone has crazy legs, you could die on your legs, some could have hot legs, people who are trying to advance in the world are trying to get a leg up, some people have chocolate legs, when people are out on the ocean they can get sea legs, women should shave their legs for big events.

Our top 10 legs songs have many different music genres including rockabilly, rock, country, and R&B. We also included different eras from 1975 through 2011. Legs are a good thing for mobility. However, they are not a must with the invention of motorized and manual wheelchairs.

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Leg Songs List

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10. Crazy Legs – Jeff Beck & The Big Town Playboys
1993, Crazy Legs

9. Death On Two Legs – Queen
1975, A Night at the Opera

8. Hot Legs – Tom Jones & Tina Turner
1996, Short Stories: She’s a Lady

7. Get A Leg Up – John Mellencamp
1991, Whenever We Wanted

6. Chocolate Legs – Eric Benet
2008, Love & Life


5. Sea Legs – The Shins
2007, Wincing the Night Away

4. Did I Shave My Legs For This? – Deana Carter
1995, Did I Shave My Legs for This?

3. Drop Dead Legs – Van Halen
1984, 1984

2. Hot Legs – Rod Stewart
1977, Foot Loose & Fancy Free

1. Legs – ZZ Top
1983, Eliminator


Other Top Leg Songs

Broke Leg – Tory Lanez & Quavo & Tyga
2019, LoVE me NOw

Leg Over – Mr Eazi
2017, Leg Over

Till Ya Legs Hurt – The 99 Percent
2016, Till Ya Legs Hurt

Legs – Lucian Piane
2016, RuPaul’s Drag Race 8

Spread Ya Legs – T. Cash
2014, Spread Ya Legs


Button Legs – Cindy Bradley
2014, Bliss

Amputated Leg – Stowaways
2013, Optimus 2002

Sea Legs – Run The Jewels
2013, Run The Jewels

One Leg Up – Half Pint
2008, Bass Check Vol 1

Sweep The Leg – No More Kings
2007, No More Kings


Shake a Leg – AC/DC
1980, Back In Black

Young Legs – Moxy
1977, Ridin’ High

Turtles Have Short Legs – Can
1971, The Singles

Big Legs, Tight Skirt – John Lee Hooker
1965, Big Legs, Tight Skirt


Legs song list curated by Matthew Campbell

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