Best Dad Songs in Title

Dad Songs List – Songs With Dad in the Title


What a better way to celebrate Father’s Day than a list of the top 10 Dad songs. We included many different music genres including Christian, Rock, Country, Vocal, Hip Hop, and Folk. We also included a vast length of music eras from 1962 through today.

Is your Dad an entrepreneur? Play him Dad songs on Mom & Pop Business Owners Day on March 29.

Best Dad Songs in Title

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Dad themed songs include a song about dad life, a feeling that dad is going to kill their child because of bad behavior, a special waltz for mom and dad, a song for my dad (or yours), a letter by daddy, a song about how dad has gone crazy, a song about how much I have grown up to be like my dad, a song that is just for my dad, and finally just a song for dad.

Just because it is not Father’s Day, it is great to dedicate a song just to him. You could also celebrate his birthday with a song. If you have a dad song that you think we should add, be sure to comment it in on the bottom of the web page.

Dad Songs

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10. My Dad – Potluck
2009, Pipe Dreams

9. Dad’s Gonna Kill Me – Richard Thompson
2007, Sweet Warrior

8. Mom and Dad’s Waltz – Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
1977, To Lefty from Willie

7. My Dad – Paul Peterson
1962, Lollipops and Roses

6. Dad’s Letter – Tyga
2013, Hotel California
Hip Hop


5. My Dad’s Gone Crazy – Eminem
2002, The Eminem Show
Hip Hop

4. So Much Like My Dad – George Strait
1992, Holding My Own

3. It’s For My Dad – Nancy Sinatra
1975, It’s for My Dad

2. Thank You For Being Dad – Jon Barker
2006, Songs To Strike A Chord

1. Song For Dad – Keith Urban
2002, Golden Road


Other Top Dad Songs

Dads and Daughters – MaRynn Taylor
2020, Dads and Daughters

My Dad Is Rich – Danny Gonzalez
2020, My Dad Is Rich

Call My Dad – AJR
2019, The Click

Dad’s Old Number – Cole Swindell
2018, All of It

Dad – Tyler Wood
2018, Who I Am


I’m Yer Dad – GRLwood
2018, I’m Yer Dad

Hey Dad – Matt Stillwell
2015, Hey Dad

Calls Me Dad – Jelly Roll
2015, Therapeutic Music 5

Even My Dad Does Sometimes – Ed Sheeran
2014, X

Oilfield Dad – Bryan Martin
2014, Oilfield Dad


Mom & Dad’s Waltz – Patty Griffin
2013, American Kid

Had a Dad – Jane’s Addiction
2012, Nothing’s Shocking

Dear Dad – Ky-mani Marley
2000, The Journey

Dad’s Old Fiddle – Merle Haggard
1972, It’s Not Love (But It’s Not Bad)


Dad song list curated by Matthew Campbell

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