Best Radio Songs in Title

Radio Songs List – Songs With Radio in the Title


The radio was the major vehicle for music. Then, came the radio followed by a video on the TV. Radio has been a focal point to be “known” as music artists for years. However, the medium has changed a bit but there are still “radio stations” on Sirius and Pandora. Radio music countdowns have been part of radio history including Dick Clark, Casey Kasem, and Crook & Chase.

Plus, National Radio Day is celebrated each year on August 20 to play radio songs!

Best Radio Songs in Title


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So, we created a list of radio songs. However, our song list is a bit different. Each song has the word radio in the song title! Enjoy our list of radio songs.

Radio Songs

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10. Radio Ga Ga – Queen
Released in 1984
Album: The Works
Genre: Rock

9. Turn On The Radio – Reba McEntire
Released in 2010
Album: All the Women I Am
Genre: Country

8. Mexican Radio – Wall Of Voodoo
Released in 1983
Album: Call of the West
Genre: Rock

7. Guerrilla Radio – Rage Against The Machine
Released in 1999
Album: The Battle of Los Angeles
Genre: Rap Metal

6. Heard It On The Radio – Ross Lynch
Released in 2012
Album: Austin & Ally
Genre: Pop


5. On The Radio – Donna Summer
Released in 1979
Album: On The Radio: Greatest Hits Volumes I & II
Genre: Disco

4. The Spirit Of Radio – Rush
Released in 1980
Album: Permanent Waves
Genre: Rock

3. Radio – Darius Rucker
Released in 2013
Album: True Believers
Genre: Country

2. Turn Up The Radio – Autograph
Released in 1984
Album: Sign in Please
Genre: Rock

1. Video Killed The Radio Star – The Buggles
Released in 1979
Album: The Age of Plastic
Genre: New Wave


Other Tolp Radio songs

Christmas on the Radio – Runaway June
2020, When I Think About Christmas – EP

RADIO – Rammstein

Song On the Radio – Al Stewart
2018, On The Border

And The Radio Played – Lady A
2013, Golden

Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown – Rob Zombie
2013, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor


Car Radio – twenty one pilots
2013, Vessel

Turn Up The Radio – Madonna
2012, MDNA

Radio – Lana Del Rey
2012, Born to Die: The Paradise Edition

Radio Message – R. Kelly
2010, Love Letter

Don’t Listen to the Radio – Granger Smith
2009, Don’t Listen to the Radio


Radio – Beyonce
2008, I Am… Sasha Fierce

The Road And The Radio – Kenny Chesney
2005, The Road and the Radio

Static on the Radio – Jim White
2004, Drill a Hole In That Substrate and Tell Me What You See

Nothing On But The Radio – Gary Allan
2003, See If I Care

AM Radio – Everclear
2000, Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile


Radio – Alkaline Trio
2000, Maybe I’ll Catch Fire

There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio – Aaron Tippin
1992, Read Between the Lines

Raised On Radio – Journey
1985, Raised on Radio

I Can’t Live Without My Radio – LL Cool J
1985, Radio

This is Radio Clash – The Clash
1981, This Is Radio Clash

Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) – Reunion
1974, Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) / Are You Ready to Believe


Radio song list curated by Matthew Campbell

Do you have a favorite song with the word radio in the title, not on our list?  Please share the song below so that we can add it!

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2 responses to “Radio Songs List – Songs With Radio in the Title”

  1. joseph saepia says:

    the radio list isn’t even close to being finished.
    e l o-mr. radio
    dirty angels-radio
    elvis costello-radio sweatheart
    pleasers-rock and roll radio
    the sports-who listens to the radio
    the selector-on my radio
    scott wilk and the walls-radioactive
    t. roth-late night radio
    RAMONES-do you remember rock and roll radio
    r e m-radio free europe
    r e m-radio song
    black velvet band-rebel radio waltz
    nilsson-turn on your radio
    david gray-late night radio
    john hiatt-pirate radio
    joe jackson-on your radio
    condretes-on the radio
    kathleen edwards-one more song the radio won’t like
    felice brothers-radio song
    talking heads-radiohead
    roman candle-why modern radio is ok
    cindy lauper-midnight radio
    regina spektor-on the radio
    bruce springsteen-radio nowhere
    beach boys-that’s why god made the radio
    shivas-playing in the radio
    WHETHER YOU KNOW OR BELIEVE IT OR NOT, ALL THESE SONGS WHERE PLAYED ON THE RADIO. if you are going to make a list, why don’t you study the subject a little better. and what about the groups that have radio as part of their name, like RADIOHEAD and HUMAN RADIO.
    by the way, have you heard the authors version of VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR? bruce wooley’s version may be even better than the hit.

    • Matthew Campbell says:

      Hi Joseph. Thanks for the great list of radio songs. My goal was not to list every song but to only list the best. You have many great songs here and I will review them and add them accordingly. Cheers, Matt

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