songs with nite in the title

Nite Songs List – Songs With Nite In The Title


Nite can be spelled in different ways. The most common is the spelling as night. However, many people also spell father the day as nite also. Particularly in song titles, musicians like naming their song titles with the word nite. Nite is a variant of night. Just so we don’t get lost n grammatical bliss, nite is actually a misspelling of night.

songs with nite in the title


Nite is commonly used with the word late as in Late-Night drive-in or also in Late-Nite television. Nick at Nite is one of the best stations for Nickelodeon showing shows that were very popular but are no longer on air and family-friendly. Such shows include Friends, Full House, and Yes, Dear.

Let us celebrate the word nite with the following list of nite songs with the word nite in the song title. Please note the spelling of nite as we have another list of night songs.

Nite Songs

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10. Perfect Nites – Najee
Released in 2012
Genre: Jazz

9. One Nite Stand (of Wolves and Sheep) – Sarah Connor featuring Wyclef Jean
Released in 2002
Genre: Dance

8. All Nite All Day – Ginuwine
Released in 1998
Genre: R&B

7. All Nite (Don’t Stop) – Janet Jackson
Released in 2004
Genre: Dance

6. Saturday Nite – Earth Wind and Fire
Released in 1976
Genre: R&B


5. Nite And Day – Al B. Sure!
Released in 1987
Genre: R&B

4. In the Still of the Nite (I’ll Remember) – Boyz II Men
Released in 1992
Genre: R&B

3. Last Nite – The Strokes
Released in 2001
Genre: Rock

2. Rock ‘N Roll All Nite – KISS
Released in 1975
Genre: Rock

1. Day ‘N’ Nite – Kid Cudi
Released in 2008
Genre: Hip Hop


Other great Nite songs

In the Still of the Nite – The Five Satins

#1Nite (One Night) – Cobra Starship

If I Die 2Nite – 2Pac


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Nite song list curated by Matthew Campbell

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