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The Wedding Almanac

Celebration of Wedding History

wedding almanac

My Wedding Songs is offering information about weddings on display that would help people plan weddings and also about weddings. Below is our almanac section of past weddings and historical information. What were the popular songs, celebrity weddings and sports champions the year you were married?

Wedding year facts are listed below by the wedding year from 1960 up through 2015 (as annual facts are accumulated).

Information about the Year you were Married

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Looking to have a wedding at a museum? Well, living in Las Vegas there are plenty of great museum locations that offer wedding packages. Here are two of our favorites.

  • One of the coolest places to have a wedding in Las Vegas at a museum is at the Neon Museum. Get married under the lights of the vintage neon signs in the Neon Boneyard.
  • Want to have a gangster themed wedding in Las Vegas? Think about the Mob Museum On-site services include preferred catering, entertainment, production and other options to make your big day truly spectacular.

Not in Las Vegas? Other local museum locations will include art museums, wax museums, history museums, science museums and many other themed museums. Locations that are not museums but may have the same feel include vineyards, breweries, vintage theaters and music halls, and landmark hotels.

Also, consider sporting event venues like ballparks and stadiums. It doesn’t have to be a professional stadium. Many minor league stadiums offer lots of character. Have lots of dinero? A private island may be just the place.

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