Era Song Lists

Nothing makes a wedding more special than original touches that celebrate the personalities of the happy couple. Era wedding songs are one of the best ways to tap the uniqueness of every individual. We’ve complied lists of wedding songs by era that will help you find the songs that form the soundtrack of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you were a 70s guy, 80s kid, or 90s gal. You’ll find something on our era wedding songs lists that strikes a personal chord. These are the songs that have the ability to take you back to a specific moment in time. That moment can be your youth, or it can be the moment you first laid eyes on your spouse.

era song lists

Choosing Wedding Songs by Era

Many couples state that the music they chose for their wedding was very important to the overall success of the day. Most of them are looking for songs that evoke a specific emotion or feeling. No songs do that that better than the ones you grew up with.

A great thing about era wedding songs is that they help create a certain vibe for your ceremony. Most of the songs on our lists are also timeless. They are modern and fit right in with today’s musical styles. Indeed, many current artists are sampling songs from past eras to create their present hits.

Wedding Music That Is Important to You

There is no rule that says you have to stick to tradition when it comes to choosing wedding songs. The songs from a certain era can be used in your wedding processional, and they can also be used to dance the night away after the vows have been said. Most importantly, these era wedding songs represent the music that is most important to you.

Many of us would agree that music helps to define who we are. These songs convey much more than romantic sentiment. They also convey a look, a feel, and the general vibe of an era. Choosing the music that helped define your own life will create a wedding day that you will remember for years to come.

Feel free to be creative with the era wedding songs that you choose. Use them in a variety of ways. There are songs on these lists that every bride would be happy to hear as she walks down the aisle. There are also songs that can be used for father/daughter dances and other emotional moments.

Your guests will appreciate a tip of the hat to the songs that have helped each decade stand out from the others. Let these era wedding songs be your tribute to life, love, and laughter.