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The Wedding MusicLetter offers more than just song suggestions for your wedding.

What’s Included?

  • Newly released wedding songs from the prior month
  • Tending wedding ceremony songs
  • Trending reception songs by tempo for dancing, background songs, and slow dance songs
  • Trending TikTok songs
  • Helpful music planning tips
  • Wedding & music planning PDF downloads
  • Join thousands of engaged couples and wedding pros

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Reviews from Readers

I get a lot of value out of your newsletter every month. I always go to the website every time that I am putting a playlist together for a wedding. I appreciate everything that you do to help us wedding DJs out.

KDUB Entertainment

Your emails and website were really helpful in planning my wedding music and figuring out what songs to play. Thank you!

Melanie S.

What is in the MusicLetter?

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