Editorial Guidelines

Updated 10/26/2023

My Wedding Songs Editorial Guidelines

At My Wedding Songs, we pledge to provide high-quality and accurate content that inspires and educates wedding couples, DJs, wedding planners, wedding pros, and music lovers.

  • My Wedding Songs is committed to publishing accurate and reliable information.
  • My Wedding Songs does not copy (plagiarise) any content in any manner. When other sources are quoted, a notation will be added to correctly attribute the original source in the content. In addition, we do not use any Artificial Intelligence to publish any content on the website.
  • My Wedding Songs’ policy is to be inclusive for every couple. The website content is planned for inclusivity for bride/groom, bride/bride, or groom/groom. The details can be switched around to fit every wedding couple.

Matt has years of experience as a wedding DJ. To keep current on popular songs of today when creating song lists, several sources are considered when creating song lists of the top songs.

  • Weddings: Matt is a member of several online groups of engaged couples and wedding professionals including
    • Wedding Planning Tips, Tricks & To-Dos
    • DJ Playlist Group
    • DJ Idea Sharing
    • Wedding Planning Club
  • Song Popularity:
    • Billboard charts
    • Amazon best-selling charts
    • Apple Music’s best-selling charts
    • Spotify streams
    • TikTok trending songs
    • YouTube Music charts
  • Wedding Songs Popularity
    • Online groups
    • Streaming popularity and song sales
    • My Wedding Songs reader polls
    • DJ software music charts including DJ Intelligence, DJ Event Planner, and Vibo.